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Psychics and the Paranormal

What are the general thoughts and ideas surrounding this topic?  Do
seasoned investigators believe that psychics contribute to their
overall performance?  Are they more likely to experience activity with
a sensitive present?  Just something that I’ve been thinking about and
wanted to know the worlds opinion.


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Recently there seems to be a trend when it comes to paranormal investigation
groups using psychics and mediums. Groups appear to follow two schools of
thought: “Old School” which mainly uses psychics and mediums on
investigations to communicate with the entities, and “new school” which uses
high-tech equipment and the latest scientific advances to track down the
entities. More and more newer novice group are coming with the stance they
refuse to use any sort of metaphysics to document paranormal activity,
despite the fact that hard science has proved nothing in the existence of
paranormal entities. Perhaps the pendulum is swinging too far to the science
side and as a result something pertinent may be missing!
Sadly, the reputation of sensitive people has somewhat plundered over the
past decade or so and has lost much credibility. Money making charlatans,
fame seekers and modern day dooms-day criers very much hurt the field of
Psychic Phenomenon. As a result, many people, despite still being intrigued
by psychics and mediums are refusing to use them on paranormal
investigations. On one hand it’s understandable due to the somewhat
floundering reputation psychics have, but on the other hand truly gifted
people can be very strong assets to investigations.
So if you choose to use a sensitive on your team, treat him or her the same
as the rest of your team, but be aware they have special gifts. Psychics and
mediums have been used in many highly respectable jobs (law enforcement,
FBI, and even the medical field), and despite a few bad apples (that exist
in ALL professions, including paranormal investigators) they can be a very
strong asset to any team. In addition, since the main mission of a
paranormal group should be helping others, NO method of finding out what is
happening should be completely eliminated, metaphysical or not. A
good-hearted, qualified, and trained sensitive will never hinder an
investigation, and used positively as a team player can only help on an

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