Minneapolis Ghost Hunters

TAPS Tv show debunking?
I have recently seen a few utube movies on some of the evidence that
TAPS has slipped through and have made it to the reveal. The movies
seem pretty legit, and the evidence speaks for itself. What are your
thoughts on this issue?

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I think that up to recently they have done a really good job to prove
that events or activities could be done some other way. GHI (ghost
hunters international) I’m losing intrest in them. An episode showed
only 3 evps and they claimed the place was haunted. Yet the very next
episode they had responding evps and video of personal expirences and
said it wasn’t enough to claim it was haunted. So kinda a reverse
effect here.

I really would like to see them debunk more, though does that make a
good show probably not. If they debunked everything there wouldn’t be
a show people would lose intrest if everything they found could be
proved to have been caused by something else. GH (Taps) GHI, and Most
Haunted are why I’m intrested in becomeing an investigator myself.
Most haunted is really the worst in disproving anything. Everytime I
watch it the “Spirits” respond to them by just knocking on the walls.
Never moving anything, no apperitions, no debunking at all. Only
once did I see where the “spirits” moved the table. They always now
ask for knocking for a responce two knocks for yes and one for no and
it always responds in every episode. Come on…. Really.

I think it was GHI that went to one of the places Most haunted claimed
as haunted and they debunked most the stuff that Most haunted claimed
was real.

Comment by Neal G. (Fizbop)

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