Minneapolis Ghost Hunters

Photographic Evidence

Is it just me or is it hard for anyone else out there to believe in
this type of evidence?  I have noticed as I peruse many other groups
pages that much effort is put into this and I ask myself “Why?”  In
the days of technology and the ever aggressive “hoaxer”, what can we
draw from this?  It seems that there really is never much by proven by
these types of evidence anyhow.  This is not stating that most groups
are “hoaxers” either, but if someone could show me something to the
contrary, then I would be ecstatic.  With postings of anomalous mists,
shadows and the forever irritating “orb”; I’ve hit my plateau of
patience with still photos.  Does this resonate with others out there,
or am I the lone wolf in this?


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It’s really hard to prove a photo with out the negitive to back it
up. Any sign of light or shadow could be concidered something else.
Eyewitness and back up to try to recreate the photo need to be done.
Most groups don’t even do photos cuz anyone can disprove them. If you
have something on photo usualy it can be recreated some how. But
Always go back to your negitive, and if you can’t duplicate it at
least you yourself have your own personal evidence.

Comment by Neal G. (Fizbop)

Oftentimes the tiniest particle of dust will reflect the flash of your camera or the
infrared light of a digital camera producing a stunning orb that most investigators
would drool over. Now, the most popular excuse for claiming that it is not dust is;
“But, all the other images had no orbs in it. Only this one”. Well, that is because
it was only one particle of dust and it is most likely still there in the other
photos but it is just not at the right position or angle to reflect the light of
the camera flash again. So, the question remains, how do we know when it is dust
and when it is a true orb? Dust tends to refract in a perfect circle with little
“noise” in it and no border. By this we mean that the orb does not look like a
cell under a microscope. Its make-up is pretty much a solid color without a defined
border to it.

True paranormal energy.
Now we’re talking. Once you have eliminated the above possibilities, it is time to
take a good, long, close look at the orb itself. What you are looking for in “orb”
activity is a solid object that emits its own light. It will usually show up on film
looking like someone just threw a ping-pong ball across the screen. If the orb has
signs of movement, such as a blurred trail behind it, then you’ve got some rather
solid evidence. The other characteristic of orb activity that we consider is the
coloration of the orb. True orbs are colored in the “cool” end of the spectrum,
namely white, blue, or green. Any orb activity that shows up as red, orange, or yellow,
it typical of dust, light refraction, or processing error.
But remember, and orb is just a collection of energy not the manifestation of a ghost.
While orbs are usually present during paranormal activity, you can have orbs show up
without paranormal activity.

Comment by Kelly

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